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Annual IRS 990 Forms

As a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, we submit IRS Form 990, titled "Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax," to provide the Internal Revenue Service with annual financial information.

Move the Money Training Curriculum

Together National Priorities Project, Peace Action and a terrific group of colleagues, have assembled all the materials you need to enter the current national debate about Pentagon spending, while building the capacity of colleagues and...

Move the Money Brochure

Double-sided trifold brochure

Move the Money Training Materials
Downloads for 2012 Move the Money Toolkit

Download documents for the Move the Money Toolkit here.

Bombs and Budgets

As part of Decade of War Awareness Month, Sept 7 - Oct 7, 2011, we're hosting educational events throughout the country. Download this step-by-step workshop...

5 Myths about the Budget/Deficit Deal
Move the Money Resources

Our Move the Money campaign is driven by citizen activism from ordinary people like you. Take a moment to browse some of our materials and resources to help Move the Money from wars and weapons to your community!


Congressional Voting Records

For decades, Peace Action has produced Congressional Voting Records. These reports provide a way to see how your members of Congress voted on Peace issues. Take a moment to see how your congressional delegation fared, then contact them to thank them or...

Membership Brochure

The membership brochure describes what we do at Peace Action, and of course, provides information on how to become a member...