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Move the Money Training

Together National Priorities ProjectPeace Action and a terrific group of colleagues, have assembled all the materials you need to enter the current national debate about Pentagon spending, while building the capacity of colleagues and allies to join in as well. 


Move The Money Training Resources

Designed as a training of trainers, Move the Money’s resources include:

  • Training Curriculum provides a detailed blueprint for actual, participatory training
  • Materials package includes fact sheets and backgrounders on broad range of topics from the “Elephants in the Room” – or barriers to tackling Pentagon spending – to how to take action.

Move The Money Appendices

You’ll find other things you’ll need in the Appendices:

  • Appendix 1: Where Your Federal Income Tax Dollar Went (blank for the workshop, to be enlarged) – Helps you “Spend your Nickels”
  • Appendix 2: Where Your Federal Income Tax Dollar Went (complete) – Shows how your Nickels actually got spent
  • Appendix 3: Jeopardy Game Board – Everything you need to test what you know about Pentagon spending and the federal budget using the popular trivia game
  • Appendix 4: NPP’s “Talking Paycheck” video – See how your tax dollars are spent
  • Appendix 5: NPP’s “Pentagon 101” webinar slides (in PowerPoint) – introduces you to many of the critical issues in the Pentagon spending debate
  • Appendix 6: “Pentagon 101” narrative for presenters

Finally, when you’re ready to hold training, we have a Training Agenda to guide participants through the day

Additional Resources from Peace Action

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