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2010 in Review

Peace Action National Board Co-Chairs Helen Weber and Dave Pack compiled the following concise list of major accomplishments in 2010:

  • New alliances with community and labor groups through One Nation Working Together and the New Priorities Network to stress community needs and job creation over militarism;
  • Electing congressional peace heroes and heroines through the Peace Action Political Action Committee and Peace Voter 2010;
  • Opposition to the immoral war of greed in Iraq, approaching its eighth year;
  • Conveying the ultimate futility of the war in Afghanistan through coordinated public education, field organizing, leadership in national coalitions and congressional lobbying.
  • Nuclear weapons abolition: Peace Action supported Think Outside the Bomb, a youth-led network for nuclear abolition, and its 10-day encampment outside of Los Alamos, New Mexico in early August 2010;
  • A meaningful May 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference, including an international conference at Riverside Church and associated marches and rallies;
  • Grassroots and national action in support of ratification of the new START Treaty reducing U.S. and Russian deployed, strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third;
  • Signif icant reductions in an excessive military budget that does not produce real security, but does produce significant negative economic consequences;