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Ending the War in Afghanistan

In late February, President Obama ordered the Pentagon to prepare plans for bringing all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan by December 31, 2014.  It has become clear to the President that an uncooperative President Karzai won’t accede to US conditions for basing US and NATO troops in Afghanistan after the December deadline.

Good news?  It does bring America a step closer to ending its longest war, but it is clearly not an end in itself.  Its easy to see the Obama administration simply waiting until after the Afghanistan presidential elections in April before making a final decision on  troop levels.  A more pliable Afghan administration might quickly accede to US demands.  And, it makes sense for the President to plan ahead, just in case zero is the only option.

For those of us who think zero is, in fact, the best option, we need to keep pushing for zero.  Peace Action is working to make sure a strong public statement is made in favor of zero troops left behind.  

Peace Action’s grassroots network is engaged in a new round of organizing to insure no troops are left behind in Afghanistan.  In addition to pressing the President to make the right decision, Peace Action is supporting Senate Resolution 329, introduced by Senator Merkley (D-OR), which requires a vote of Congress before any U.S. troops can remain in Afghanistan after December 31, 2014.  

There’s so much going on in the world at any given moment its easy to understand how the public might not be seeing the recent news on levels in Afghanistan as an urgent matter.  What about Syria? What about Russia?  What about the budget?  But the US war in Afghanistan will go on, until we stop it.

Peace Action was one of the very first organizations to organize against plans to invade Afganistan in 2001.  We will not rest until the last American is home.

Action: Contact President Obama and let him know you want no US troops left behind in Afghanistan.

Phone the White House Comment line 202.456.1212
Email the President at
Write President Obama
1600 Pennslyvania Avenue NW
Washington DC


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