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Current Issues

End the Bombing of Iraq and Syria

Instead of sending more weapons into the region and dropping more bombs, the U.S. should be doing more to end the Syrian Civil War and cut off the Islamic State's revenue stream.  READ MORE

Move the Money

Join Peace Action in our campaign to cut Pentagon spending and Move the Money from wars and weapons back to our communities! READ MORE

Nuclear Disarmament

Since our founding as the Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy in 1957, Peace Action has tirelessly worked for a world free of nuclear weapons. Find out how you can get involved in fulfilling President Obama's pledge to rid the world of the nuclear threat. READ MORE

Preventing War in Iran

With negotiations extended till July, 2015, Congress should not derail a political settlement that will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons by imposing a new round of sanctions. Join Peace Action in seeking a nonmilitary, diplomatic solution with Iran. READ MORE

Ending the War in Afghanistan

President Obama promised the U.S. troops would come home from Afghanistan by the end of this year.  Now, he's planning to leave 10,000 troops behind and the war drags on. Peace Action members across the country are organizing to end the longest war in U.S. history. READ MORE

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Liquid Blue revisits classic peace songs on their new album and 25% of proceeds to Peace Action! Thanks Liquid Blue!